UniGreen is not just about caring for our trees and oceans, we will bring initiatives to support every living thing on our amazing planet.

At UniGreen we strongly believe our movement will only gain and sustain momentum if we continue to involve and incentivise our children and the wide youth. We will be promoting UniYouth through affiliation programmes with schools, colleges, and universities, to mobilise younger people and ensure they are firmly behind the UniGreen movement. This action will establish our soon to be launched UniGreen Academy.

The UniGreen academy, in conjunction with local educational establishments, will set a solid five-year apprenticeship programme whereby individuals will be guided through a structured development programme in the field of their choice.

During the summer of 2023, we will be offering the youth the first chance of an experience of life at UniGreen, incentivising them to promote and sell UniGreen bamboo products to learn further about the positive impact our movement is making, and of course earn some extra summer pocket money.

The UniGreen sales team have already initiated a nationwide UniGreen Roadshow to cover nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities. To further strengthen our bamboo claims, we have approached Bristol University to sign up post/under graduates and sponsor bamboo related projects.

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We’re pushing for change across the board, we’re not just about saving trees!