The UniGreen team questioned its cause: how can we thrive globally and how can we return back to mother nature globally?

If it’s possible, can we focus on several regions at the same time without adding complexity, carbon emissions and maintain the equilibrium?

Streamline Operation

Due to UniGreens streamline operation and vision of localised sourcing, the uniformed global drive has now become possible. We have now set up teams within the following regions:​

  • America’s
  • Africa
  • UK & Ireland
  • Spain
  • China

These regions are being set up to purchase and supply goods to their nearest markets if the countries they are based in cannot produce bamboo or related UniGreen ranges.

From a product sourcing point of view, South America will feed north America, Canada and Africa. China will feed local markets plus the UK & Ireland, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand will feed local markets as well as Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

With the efforts that are being showcased within our UniFlower principles and after a full independent carbon emission review for these regions, we at UniGreen are proud to state our earthly principles will not only be upheld but will improve tremendously. By a united front we will divide and conquer, and only then will we give ourselves any hope of survival.

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