Welcome to UniGreen’s Global Community: UniPartner

How can you become a member of UniPartner:

  • Support the UniGreen range of products through your general marketing programme, catalogues, mailers etc.
  • Ensure products are displayed effectively in store
  • Allow a permanent site for the UniGreen branded recycle bins for UniGreen product related waste
  • Waste to be disposed of with your existing paper and general waste

In return, UniGreen will ensure:

  • Profile given to partners at all major PR events that you are supporting this global drive to end/reduce the use of paper and plastic products and in doing so are helping to protect trees and our oceans
  • UniGreen to place free of charge bamboo recycling bins at designated customer sites which are approved by the customer. The recycling bins offer the closed loop recycling programme
  • UniGreen procurement team to support the partner on any bespoke product that they wish to migrate across to the bamboo version. A cost neutral effort would be made to ensure migration is successful
  • Partners are promoted with regards to their efforts in any marketing literature UniGreen produces

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