At UniGreen, we strongly believe and are totally convinced that our journey will only be successful if the balance is restored within the ecosystem. We understand that in 2022 mankind had already consumed its allocation of natural resources for the year by June.

Our efforts to re-establish the balance within our ecosystem through UniFlower will involve the following global initiatives: –

Planting of trees

In conjunction with Queen Elizabeth’s Commonwealth Canopy Programme. We are supporting the planting of one billion trees by 2025. This is a global initiative driven by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and currently supported by 52 countries. Full details of the Queens Commonwealth Canopy Programme can be found by clicking below.


There are three main purposes to this: Firstly, and most importantly, drive a change whereby the bamboo reliance shifts totally from wild bamboo forests to agricultural bamboo forests. Secondly, by creating products from agricultural bamboo automatically means wild plantations are protected and therefore the panda is protected. Finally, the creation of jobs and leading the way in employee care in a foreign country. Creating jobs for the local people offering long term prosperity and job satisfaction.

Adopting Pandas

Through the WWF Unigreen will adopt pandas. One of the main factors for their numbers reducing in China was due to the fact there was no law prevented the hunting of pandas. Through UniFlower’s initiative of procuring our own bamboo plantations, we will gradually reduce the impact the second factor has had on the reduction in numbers of pandas. Harvesting bamboo plantations will reduce the impact on Pandas in the wild. More information is available below.

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